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Give Local 757

Thank you very much for your support of HDCofHR on Tuesday, May 9.  HDCofHR’s  goal for 2017-18 was $10,000.  HDCofHR

  1. Had 74 unique donations
  2. Raised, through those donations, $5,646
  3. Received $757 from one of the bonus prizes.

No, HDCofHR was not successful in achieving the goal; however, this is money, which HDCofHR would not have and for which it is extremely, extremely grateful; then there is always another shot at that goal through the 2018 Give Local 757 Day of Giving.  This money will go to support the work that needs to be done in maintaining the quality of the 25 units of housing that HDCofHR rents to low income individuals and families.  Of course, HDCofHR is making every effort to keep costs down, to keep its units occupied, to try to raise funds for ordinary expenditures through small grants, all in an effort to  accomplish the Mission, of acquiring units of housing, and moving toward the accomplishment of the Vision, helping to end homelessness in Newport News and Hampton.

Thank you for joining your efforts, your prayers, your concern with HDCofHR in “Rebuilding Lives One Home at a Time.”